Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yie Yie's 24th

Birthday events are always exciting for us but it also reminds us about aging at times, That makes us wanna blog even more to recall us all the moments and obstacles we've been through together which unite us as one. Due to the technologies nowadays, we don't develop pictures as much as we used to be. Blogging is the only way that we can think of (at least for now) to keep all the memories we've left behind...

Another year of S's birthday, she wanted to try new delicacy. Strictly no Italianies, Western, Japanese. Demands are pretty hard to fulfilled which often cracked our mind. Google are always our savior when it comes to birthday events. We found a few quality restaurants and after a round of discussion with the girls, BIJAN sounds like a good shot! They served Malay food in a fine dining restaurant. It fulfilled the quality we are looking for.
Introducing our selected restaurant- BIJAN @ Changkat

Sneak peek of the restaurant

The restaurant has a delightful ambience.

Pagen : I just realize all of us did some styling to our hair!! hahaha


Group photo

One last shot before we leave the building

Next, we marched ourselves to a random pubs in Hartamas. Coincidentally, we met our long lost schoolmate, Nicholas Chee. He was kind enough to spend our night. $$$$ free =P

Er.... maybe he's too drunk to capture this picture

E,S & K camwhoring while P was busing entertaining Nicholas Chee.(E is complaining behind) hahaha

Finally P's back on track

We wanted a slow night that night cuz we knew that we need to patch things back together the next day to P-A-R-T-Y with the gangs! Nothing too much..
The following day took place in Farenheit again! This is our second time being there. Though it's not somewhere fancy but the beers are pretty cheap over there. Moreover, there are local live bands (not those "paria" ones!) Like we said before, one of the singers is the brother of the members of Manhand. Manhand is a very popular local band. They ROCKS! They were there on the same night too!!!

P was late that night because she needs to teach her tuition classes every Mon,Wed & Fri (we wonder how a drunkard can teach) after work and the night falls on Friday. S waited for her arrival the whole evening.Glad that she wasn't too late to attend S's birthday.

Let the night begins
Joanne with us

Playing wit Bee's 'Fong Tai Tong' spec

It's Deary to watch this moment.

The lovebirds since secondary

Flaming of the night

P : It's a Public lar!

E was drunk on S's birthday!

Even her Darling! Hahaha! The night aren't suppose to end that way! The night is pack with familiar faces. Half of us got ourselves drunk.

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