Monday, June 28, 2010

Stephanie's day 08'

It's SteFfie's birthday!! Just in case you didn't know us, Birthday Dinner is A "M-U-S-T" thing for us (That's the only time we can forget about diets! hahaha YumMM!!) Not just that, it also must be a NEW place which ALL of us never tried before! Thanks to blogger -Kampungboyandcitygirl- ,we had pick one of their recommended restaurants Gobo @Traders Hotel! There are ala-carte & buffet session and of course we pick buffet as we're dying of hunger already as we reached there pretty late and we have to rush to grab the food before they close the session. Sigh~

Camwhoring before they come to serve us.Though we're hungry, we still manage to camwhore before the dinner starts!
One picture after another.....Another.....


OKOKOK!! Enough!!! Very Hungry already!!
Wow!!! FOOD!!!! Here we come! Well, we are not a food blogger but the food here are not as good as I expected. It's not bad...but ...SO SO only lor... Maybe because we're late and we took buffet. Maybe the ala-carte would be nicer. Skybar is just located above Gobo we wanted to go up but we're running out of time as you KNOW WHAT... It's time to P-A-R-T-Y!

Next stop, we gathered others at Sumo @ Hartamas. Stephanie said she wanted a quiet night this year so we just gathered few friends and chit chat only as she need to work the next day. So getting DRUNK is Prohibited!

Pagen : Hey, where am I ar?
Kiki : You are always busy...

Wow! It's So Smoky... Must be ...

Good thing there are no flies around! =P

Unfortunately Stephanie didn't get drunk like we do~~ but she manage to finish this shot as requested by the MEN! The drink she'll never touch! BEER + LIQUOR

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thailand 08'

Bangkok! Bangkok! BAngkok! Here we come! It was a fast pace trip where we spent most of our time on eating,clubbing and shopping...Hopping from 1 shopping mall to another, club every night nia... We forgotten all about visiting the famous places in Bangkok as it's a heaven or shopping in Bangkok with cheap goods!

WoOOoo.... BESARNYA!!! Still prefer the smaller version of it. Having fun taking pictures..

Fried insects! Yuck! Pagen is always the one who does crazy things! You better rinse your mouth!!!!!

We'll definitely visit Bangkok again as we didn't spend enough time visiting famous places there!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pagen's thrice birthday celebration 07'

Last to go from the birthday celebrations of 4 of us obviously would be Pagen Teo's celebration. She is always the last one to celebrate and also the one who celebrates the most (sigh). So, we always have to schedule our time properly to fit in her dates. (Pagen mar......=P) hehehe

First stop, dinner treat from us but sadly yie yie couldn't join us as she's on flight. :<

Next stop, we made our move to a chinese drinking place- 'Lui Yi Hong'@ Phileo damansara recomended by Clement Kong(ah B). not get cheated on the sweet taste of the liquor, it contents a high percentage of alcohol in it. It is special but it doesn't taste that good for our opinion. Worth to try something new.

Since we still consider more on drinking, we made our move to Neway.

Pagen : Darn.. I look fat!!!!Hahahaha!! Emily is being bullied by us!! =P

We just love the picture we took in Hong Kong. Though our body is back in M'sia but out soul is still in Hong Kong.

2nd round of celebration: Pagen's mum's shop (a never missed spot)
-She gathers all her schoolmates to party with her.

Yeah.. The naughty Pagen is GONE~~~ That's the whole point of celebration right? =P ~ngek ngek ngek~

3rd round to go...we planned on a surprised trip for her to Port Dickson. So lucky la u Pagen Teo!Anyway, a bunch of us travelled earlier to get the apartment first and to get things prepared before Pagen's arrival.
Food checked! beer checked! Liquor checked! water checked! fireworks checked! Sound systems checked! ROOM checked!

The GAYS went to the beach for volleyball while waiting..OppPSsS.. the GUYS we meant

Here comes the birthday girl,being conned to Port Dickson. We bet she was surprised to see all of us there with our barbeque sticks cooking the chicken wings.

Ah Bee went all the way to a field nearby our hotel and set the firecrackers on fire! BOM! Suprise suprise! It was so beautiful but too bad we didnt take enough pictures!

We were waiting outside the room to give her the cake with confetti.

Death kor hiding behind the door before Pagen walkes out. Look at his chicky look...

Here comes the birthday girl! Double suprise!

Making her wish!

We party the hell out of it! The party ends at about 2+ am. It's early huh? But everyone is tipsy and exhausted already!

Pagen: Special thanks to Pik yee aka kiki, Emily, Stephanie, Clement, Andy, Death, Eric, George, Denkarl and all those who attended my birthday(sorry if i've missed out some ppl).Shirlin & Eddie who drives all the way to PD just to wish me "Happy Birthday". I'm So touched! You guys makes miracles on my birthday~ Love you'll so so much * MUakz*