More About Us


Who are we?
We are just 4 simple girls trying to cope up with the materialistic world we are living right now.

How did we started to blog?
We believe our life is like a drawing without an eraser.It marks everything path that we have been through together and remains memories.That's why we created this blog to treasure the times we had together.We can’t predict what will happens to our friendship in the future but at least, THIS will always be the spot for us to recall our memories..

How Do We Know Each Other?
It is "FAITH" that brought us together as a group.

Why High Heels 4?
High heels represent girls in common.This represented we are in a group of 4 girls sharing our thoughts and life together. We are often been asked "Why is it always the 4 of us? Don't you have other friends?" Obviously, we do! Everybody does! Friends are someone you "PARTY" with and besties are someone who understands you, someone that cares about you & someone who will always be by your side whenever you need them...

Location :
Subang Jaya

Routines in our life:
-Enjoy the food paradise
-Discussing on how to lose weight
-Girls talk (intimate ones)
-Drinking session (not to say v r alcoholic la!)
-Birthday dinners (a MUST event)
-And work =(

Just some ordinary & simple routine that most girls would do! Only that.. we does most of the things TOGETHER...basically EVERYTHING!

Job scope:

Kiki Won
Pagen Teo  -> Posting, editing

Emily Chan
Stephanie Chan -> Layout, photos