Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We go AN NE NE on this Special Day

Tired of normal usual birthdays? Maybe you can try to be like us, dressing up to the restaurants??? Hahaha! Like we've told you, we don't really bother what ppl thinks bout us as long as the moments are memorable. You may call us lame or anything you like but I bet you've never experience things we tried together. At times, it's the "Siaoness" and "Craziness" of ours that makes us burst in laughter. It also these things that kept us as ONE.

We are indeed very playful and naughty but when it comes to work, we're drop dead SERIOUS! Maybe it's the stress that create our sillyness! A week before Stephanie's birthday, we were drinking at our second home, Nineten Media Cafe. S was hinting us that she wanted to try indian cuisine on her birthday. Sounds like something new to us definitely! Well, after a couple of beers, someone pop up(which we don't remember who) saying "Since we are going to an indian cuisine, why not we dress like one, too???"

WOWED! And here we are!

All in our Sarees!!!

Bombay palace is one of the first Northern Indian fine dining restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. The name significant the restaurant! It really looks like a PALACE!


Good thing most of the ppl here are in Sarees too. Phew~ We were actually pretty nervous at first...

The ambience makes us feel like a princess living in a palace!

After being a Hindi-Princess, we made our move to NEO, another branch of Tamarind in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and this is also when we decided to create a BLOG of our own to keep the path we've gone through together as ONE.

The place that create our blog

Due to the environment, it is obvious the beers are more expensive compared other places that we usually drink.

Cheers for the Highheels4!

It's almost 2! We're all tired and exhausted. It's time to go back to our own sweet home and let our blog begins....