Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's a surprise for our flying sweety

Everybody likes surprise, especially at birthday time. That is why we take in some much pleasure in planning a perfect birthday surprise. At times, we do run out of ideas due to all the surprises given by us to all our friends. All of us are pretty tight up with our work this year so we couldn't really think of anything but no matter what, there's always something to be surprised at.

This year, S is working on her birthday eve and she will ONLY be back at 1 a.m. So, we decided to drive to the airport and surprise her! We made a little surprise gift and waited for her at the airport.

Dun laugh! We know it's not as amazing as our previous creation, but it was a last minute thingy in within 3 hours!!! forgive us lar, ya?

Surprise !!!! Happy Birthday! She thought it was something
heavy till she lay her hands on it! hahaha

The content doesn't really matters, the heart it's what it counts! (hahahaha trying to comfort ourselves)

Later that night, we had a slumber night at Pagen's house

The Night when Kiat Seng gone down

A birthday, as the term implies, is a day of anniversary of that particular person was born. Some ppl likes to keep things simple, some ppl like to REALLY celebrate it! (just like us). We've known Kiat Seng over the ages, one of Emily's Ex colleague. He has always been the shy guy, even after a couple of drinks! Believe us, his voice won't even raise a BIT! Anyway, his birthday has always been simple. Sometimes not even celebrating it. So, this year, we planned to bring this " KAMPUNG" boy to our "CITY" world after treating him a dinner. =P

The Shy Birthday Boy

WoOoo...His face turns red being surrounded by us girls! He's such a cutie pie!

P: Sorry S, I didn't mean it, I was forced to!!

Having fun with the lighting we've discover

P: This is how Kang smiles, S!

Cheers for our mission to bring the Birthday boy down!

Ngek ngek ngek...

Losing control


Are you enjoying or sufferring, E?

Mission accomplished! =P

Clement Kong Ah Bee's birthday

*Drum rolling....*Tadah! It's Clement Kong aka bee's birthday! Yes! The muscular, Clement Kong's birthday. Not much plan to be set up this time as everyone are busy. But we still remember your birthday, bee!

Here we go at Neway @ Puchong to sing and drink and celebrate?! Come to think with it, sometimes birthday celebration is just an excuse for everyone to come out and gather, gather.

Birthday boy

Acting innocent

Uncle Death trying to 'squeeze' his boobs out

Stady and Death

Mandy and Hong singing out loud. They are good singers.

Hong singing while playing with his 'invisible' keyboard
(copyright of Mr Chao Sing Chi)

An Ne Ne death

P : come, I sayang..
Death : Plz don leave me alone...

It was a simple celebration for Bee. Hope everyone enjoy the night, especially the birthday boy!Happy birthday Clement!! May all ur wishes come true...

Gong Xi, Gong Xi...

Gong Xi Fa Chai!! Why on earth is everyone saying '恭喜发财' during CNY when you meet friends or family on CNY?! It can also start off with '身体健康', '步步高升', '财源广进‘ and much more right?! Maybe it's a practise since ancient times. Never mind, shall join the crowd as well. So, Gong Xi Fa Chai!

As usual, dinners and 'Lou Sang' are both must have for CNY. The first Lou Sang dinner, K and P with K's ex-classmates, Esther with her partner at Ducking @ Jaya 1. It wasn't the first visit at Ducking for us. Ducking serve delicious chinese cuisine especially the Peking Duck.

Joey and Esther

Though it doesn't look very attractive, but not bad!

Another dinner with the attendance of 4 of us at Chung Hwa Restaurant @ Puchong. Phew~ Finally! Normally, everyone will be facing the same issue during CNY, "FULL HOUSE" everywhere. Luckily, we made reservation but we had been placed at some awkward table. *Sigh* Never mind, as long as we enjoyed our dinner.

Kiat Seng joined us for Lou Sang.

After staving full our stomachs, what else can we do during CNY?! Can't run away from drinking cards! (with notes in hands). We settled at K's house as it is the only house with 'nobody'. But, no smoking in the house plz!

Look at Yi Kang's sexy look.

Our 3rd Lou Sang Dinner to be held at Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant @ IOI Mall New Wing. Good food to be served at this newly opened restaurant at the new wing of IOI Mall.

The girls

Playing a fool after the dinner

It was a simple CNY for us as everyone was busy with our own work. But still, we have our dinner going on and also Ang Pow collecting. Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

Acrobat to step into 2010

Just a blink of eye, we are marching towards the year 2010. Time passes real fast, how great would it be if we can stop the time at some selected time and continue it whenever we want to by using the remote control to control everything. Remember how we wanna be elder at the age of 8-9? Now, we think most of us prefer to stay as a baby, right? That is the only time that we don't need to think about money, installments, bills, conflicts and all!

Anyways, we were asked by Yi Kang's gang to join them in the new club in town - Opera @Sunway for the countdown. Since it's a new club, so we just thought of making it a try. The concept of the club is pretty good where they have 3 separated rooms or styles :- The Theatre, The observatory and The Long Lounge. They even have 'new circus' performances by troupes from China and Russia.

Starting to get crazy after some 'warm ups'.

The combination of Pagen(Flirty) and Kiki(pretender). Haha

Hopefully, it would be a good year coming ahead for all of us in the year of 2010. Gambateh and cheers girls!!