Wednesday, October 13, 2010

100 Shots on YiKang's Day

It's our BABY aka Goh Yi Kang's birthday. FIY, BABY is Steph's bf, we are used to making fun of that calling as that is the way how steph calls him. Same addressing, same tune but relates out different feeling....we(K, E and P) are not his lover.

Okie, so we settled down at the same old place - Nineten Media Cafe. BABY just wanted a normal day coz it was a weekday nite. Everyone sure will sound a lot the next day if it would be a heavy nite. So, chill!!

Our chilling session doesn't ended up like we mention, we ended up with 100 shots?! Wat a 'good idea' from Wilson Teo(Pagen's bro). The guys wanted to challenge and try out the hot event going on at Ecoba in town now- The 100 shots every 1 minute(the copyright). Obviously, the one who suggested this challenge, won the 1st round of the Ecoba event. Wilson Teo, we salute to u!

The lover

P sounded out loudly saying that it's an easy job where she does not know night mare is coming towards her.

Most of us think that they can do it! THINK AGAIN! it's not as easy as it looks! The girls can only finish up to 30+ and the guys can only bottoms up 60+ at most! We really wonder how WILSON TEO can do it?????????

Bun Seng and Elaine with the birthday boy

Half way of the drinking, most of us already placing white flag. There goes our 100 shots at Nine Ten Cafe version. In the mean while, more and more late comers joined in. It's time for cake cutting before the clock strikes to 12am.

Happy birthday Kangz!

BETCHA never seen ANYTHING like this!

Sushi cake created by his BA-BY to him coz Kang doesn't really fancy cakes.


Ann was called by P to join us last minute as she was too bored at home.

Look at the door behind! Yeah, it is SUPPOSINGLY closed!

Although it was a killing experience on the 100 shots, we found it quite fun trying it out. At least now we know our limit of drinking. So guys, go try on before u admit u r a strong drinker. And Happy birthday BABY aka Kangz!

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