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Pagen's day 2008

P : Girls, bought yourself any new clothes?
K: No wor......
E: Sei lor...Me too. How ar? What are you wearing?
S:Hmmmm... Dunno yet wor. I've got nothin left in my closet.

The best solution is to ..... SHOP!!!

It's the year end and it's our last baby's birthday, Ms PAGEN TEO! As you guys already know, we need to have "NEW" menu for every birthdays! But there is something you guys didn't know or realize, we need "NEW" clothes for every birthdays too!! (We prefer not to repeat our clothes on special occasions =P)

Well, SINCE Pagen has no specific food that she wanted to eat, and SINCE french food is a "NEW" menu for us, so, on the eve's of her birthday, we brought her to a French Restaurant - Le Bouchon @ Changkat. The environment are cozy enough for us to camwhore! It's superb!

Showing off our new clothes! =P

Who's nicer? who's nicer? ngek ngek

As usual, camwhore around before the food is served.

Look at all the delicious food...


The worst part of all is to wait for our personal Photographer- Steph- to take the food's pictures while we are all looking hungrily at the FOOD!!

Food is finally in!

Look at the satisfying look from Pagen

The wine plays an important role for the steaks

The restaurant is kind enough to prepare us (er..the birthday girl) a complimentary piece of cake.

Pagen: Stay young forever n ever....~~~ hahaha

Stephanie : Let me do it..
Kiki : $$$
Pagen : How expensive can that be?!...*glance*

Pay checked!

We wished we could stay longer but our guests are already waiting for us next round!

Pagen : Last one, last one PWEESSEEEE!!

Not wasting our time, moving to the next round of celebration in Chulo located at Jaya one. It is the first time we stepped into Chulo and what can we say? We are sure we will come back again next time! Pagen made 'A'(one table) reservation on the roof top but coincidentally they are having function at the rooftop and it ended just before we arrives. LUCKILY! A table is just not enough to fit our guest list, so they are so kind enough to give us the entire space of the roof top (it looks as if we booked the whole place wei....) Felt so nice to conquer the whole area. We got most of our friends asking "How much u pay to book the whole place????" hahahahaha and the FUNNIEST part is... when Pagen told them she DID NOT! Her friends didn't believe her! Sigh! Why would anyone lie about it if they really booked the whole place??? Anyway, back to party...

Some of us got a bit "RED" after a few glasses of wine =P

Pagen with Chin Ann, Kelly and Jenilee who's back from Sydney(from right to left)

Lily, Kayin, "Random" & Eddie!

The lovebirds- Denkarl and Summer

Our crasher, Death!

Good thing they still appears during BIRTHDAYS! hahaha

Kar Wei

Sook Chen & Jo Quinn( Pagen's Lou poh)

Stefanie TAN not Stephanie CHAN & Penny

"Random" , Ah Heng kor & Ah KANG!



Finally, Pagen AKA DOWN~ for sure as she has to cheers from table to table like her wedding ceremony and Yuuuumm Seenng is all she went!!! Not to mention, she broke her straps of heels and she needs to put on a sandals home! HAHAHAHA

Before the actual day of Pagen's birthday, the 3 of us (Kiki, Emily and Steph) made a big planning on some surprises for Pagen. We cracked our head for nights and finally Emily came out an idea to gather all of us (including the guys) to get involve in the 'surprise'! But first of all, 3 of us burnt the midnight oil and made a big,big banner of ' Happy Birthday to Pagen Teo' few days back. And then we started calling the rest to get them involved on the actual day. Although not all of them make their presence, luckily we still made the surprise successful!
Okie, first, is to "CONNED" Pagen out of her house earlier and gathered the rest to sneak into her house by her bro's help. We placed the BIG banner up and some of them (Death, Cherrie, George) 'hidden' behind the big banner. Kiki, Emily, Andy and Pagen's bro were hidden quietly inside her room holding the birthday cake. Kar Wei had an important role to hide behind the door's curtain to check and inform us to get ready when Pagen is coming in.
SET! It's time for Pagen's bro to BRING her back home. Pagen was so pissed off cause she is already on her way to PARTY with our Stephanie Chan! Haha! She needs to make a U-TURN home just to do his brother's so called "FAVOR". As she stepped into the house, walking up the stairs, the light bulb was on, leading her to the living hall! Everybody waiting anxiously behind the curtain, behind the banner, inside the room until she was SPOTTED and.....

*Slashed...* TAH DAH!!!! The banner was destroyed as they got out from it and the rest of us came out from the room with the cake. Pagen was SHOCKED and LAUGHING hysterically when she saw us!! "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAGEN!!!"

The banner before it was destroyed

Her Birthday cake

Icing Cake with our pictures on

Thank you for all the co operations given from all that made the surprise succeeded!
We know you guys were melting while waiting for the birthday girl.

Surprises D-O-N-E, then, we made our move the the rave party at Capsquare before it gets too late! Too bad Andy was too tired to join our party =( but the party has to move on!!

It was so H-O-T there and it's a little Boring.... We decided to do our stuff, playing with the pictures!

We saw someone got carried out, so Pagen and Death are trying to imitate them. Haha!

The guys ordered some snacks for us

Look at our SWEATS! Yikes!

Though it's a little boring, maybe because we drank too much on the previous night. So TakDA mood to drink so much the next day.. HAHA! Half of us are gone wei! But it's still better than staying at home!

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