Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stanley and Alex's birthday

It's just another RANDOM Saturday which we are "DESPERATELY" in need of alcohol (yikes! sounds like an alcoholic). Though we love to drink BUT that doesn't mean we are ADDICTS. Drinking once or twice a week doesn't mean we are addicts, right? We call it "ENJOY"
Stanley's and Alex's birthday are happening on the same time that night. Which means..... we don't have much time! Get ready quick!

Here we are, Kuchai Lama attending Stanley's birthday

The "Birthday Boy" aka Stanley

It was a "RUSH" night, sorry Stanley for staying for such a short period of time. We left after a few drinks.

Moving on to Alex' Birthday located in Bangsar(Farenheit). Pagen with Siew Kuen & Mandy. Siew Kuen had to come after work without her makeup (Poor Siew Kuen~she was forced by Ms
Pagen to grab this pic) =P

Notice how Siew Kuen was forced? Never appear AGAIN in our camera. Even when we are taking pictures with Alex the Birthday boy.

The Bombshell, Mandy VS .....Smallshell, Pagen?

It was an Exhausted night! Farenheit is good place for Beer Drinkers like us! Especially you're entertained by the local band singers. One of the members, Yuren. An old friend of Pagen and also one of the younger brother of MANHAND. Superb!

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