Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Night when Kiat Seng gone down

A birthday, as the term implies, is a day of anniversary of that particular person was born. Some ppl likes to keep things simple, some ppl like to REALLY celebrate it! (just like us). We've known Kiat Seng over the ages, one of Emily's Ex colleague. He has always been the shy guy, even after a couple of drinks! Believe us, his voice won't even raise a BIT! Anyway, his birthday has always been simple. Sometimes not even celebrating it. So, this year, we planned to bring this " KAMPUNG" boy to our "CITY" world after treating him a dinner. =P

The Shy Birthday Boy

WoOoo...His face turns red being surrounded by us girls! He's such a cutie pie!

P: Sorry S, I didn't mean it, I was forced to!!

Having fun with the lighting we've discover

P: This is how Kang smiles, S!

Cheers for our mission to bring the Birthday boy down!

Ngek ngek ngek...

Losing control


Are you enjoying or sufferring, E?

Mission accomplished! =P

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