Sunday, August 29, 2010

Clement Kong Ah Bee's birthday

*Drum rolling....*Tadah! It's Clement Kong aka bee's birthday! Yes! The muscular, Clement Kong's birthday. Not much plan to be set up this time as everyone are busy. But we still remember your birthday, bee!

Here we go at Neway @ Puchong to sing and drink and celebrate?! Come to think with it, sometimes birthday celebration is just an excuse for everyone to come out and gather, gather.

Birthday boy

Acting innocent

Uncle Death trying to 'squeeze' his boobs out

Stady and Death

Mandy and Hong singing out loud. They are good singers.

Hong singing while playing with his 'invisible' keyboard
(copyright of Mr Chao Sing Chi)

An Ne Ne death

P : come, I sayang..
Death : Plz don leave me alone...

It was a simple celebration for Bee. Hope everyone enjoy the night, especially the birthday boy!Happy birthday Clement!! May all ur wishes come true...

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