Sunday, August 29, 2010

2 Days Trip to the City of Char Kuey Teow and Assam Laksa

BoriNg... BoriNg... BORING!!! Life could be boring at times.Normally, we girls will heat things up by moving to another state! PENANG! Here we come! *Ngek ngek* Grab your bags, Girls! VrOOmMMMm!!!!

A week before we started our journey, we searched through internets, listing down all the delicacy & places from our Penang's friends so that we won't missed a thing which WE know we would as we are only there for A DAY. How could you do everything in just A DAY, right? =P

We started our journey early in the morning *Yawn*

Heard a lot of ppl gossiping about this "T-bowl restaurants" located in Queensbay Mall @ Penang which it's fully equipped with toiletries. Out of our curiousity, we kicked start our journey heading to T-BOWL

WoooHOooo! IMpressed!

Here we are, sitting at the toilet bowl having our lunch

All kinds of deco


They really use real toilet bowl wei! Only that.... it's not functional

Kiki : Smelly...smelly

Imagine shampooing your hair while having ur lunch. HAHA

We are addictive in camwhoring with attractive toys

OMg! Have you ever tasted food from the toilet bowl?


Specially designed 'sausage'


HEy! Close the door when u pee..

After having our lunch, we spent our daytime shopping at Queensbay Mall. Each of us managed to get some cheap goods for ourselves.

Dinner time! Pagen strongly recommended the charcoal steamboat located at Butterworth, even if we disagreed to go there as it's pretty far from our hotel to Butterworth. Haih... but you know her, insisting and acting like a baby, well, we just have to agree with her!

Since Pagen was the only one been there before but with her sense of direction, we still have to depend on our Penang map. Unfortunately, we took up more than 1 hour time to reach our destination with some guidance from the people nearby. Our stomach was growling all the way, yet, FINALLY we made our way to this charcoal, fish soup steamboat.

Good thing Pagen insists on it. Nevertheless, it is really special as it is cooked using charcoal and it is served with Fish head soup. SluRPppPPPpp~

Next destination, Batu Feringi! Yes, you're right! We are survivors! We travel wit maps again.

Batu Feringi

After the look see, look see at Batu Feringi, we decided to head to where most of the Penang kia goes - 1 of the clubs at Penang road. We were rounding 'around' Penang road and yet we could not get ourself to Penang road. These maps are useless at times(maybe we are the one)! Coudn't find the Penang Road *Disappointed*. No choice, but to change our plan and drink stranding by Gurney

Sad and tired looked stranding along Gurney

Wakey Wakey! Morning ladies! It's time to "MuM MUm"!

Since we couldn't find Penang road the night before, we went back to our hotel and list down all the itenerary (since we have nothing to do last night *sigh*)

First stop - A very old traditional Coffee shop that serves Traditional toasted bread with a cup of Coffee.

Traditional huh?

Syarikat Luan Fong Bakery (nama macam gaya kan?)

Variety of Breads

AwHhh-- We missed our RM 1 Nasi Lemak Bungkus. Those were the days~

Half boiled egg accompanied by bread spreaded with kaya & butter

Emily asking our neighbour for directions to the well known "YAU CHAR KUEH"

Dun look down on a small shop like this.

Most of their orders are more than 30 pieces

The ladyboss are kind enough for us to have fun in their territory.

It's really crispy (Even after an hour)

Next, we need to move to "Ghee Hiang" to get some souvenirs back for our family.

Reached our destination at 1+ and you know what? Their famous bites are all sold! Ish! we only managed to get some of the leftovers =( We know they run out of stock early but... at 1??? RIDICULOUS!

Camwhoring on A Sunny Afternoon

Gwee Hiang has been established for more than 150 years

And of course! Penang most most most most FAMMmmmOOOOUUUUUSSSSSSSS Char Kuay Teow, Assam Laksa for lunch and Cendol for Dessert!

FuiYoh!! Look at the ppl!

Our treasurer, Stephanie, showing off our leftovers that we've chipped in earlier for this trip.

It was a relaxing trip after all, hope that we can go more often on this kind of trips again.

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