Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kar Wei's potluck birthday

Kar Wei insists on not celebrating his birthday though we have strong determination in persuading him. *Sigh* Degil betul budak ni! And so, we decided to surprise our little friend here by crashing in his house(not exactly crash, just a small gathering with all the besties) for a small potluck party(with a little help from K and his family). Frankly, we couldn't bear to let our friend spending their birthday alone at home! Unless there's those typical person who stays at home EVERYDAY.

Everyone of us will get old one day, soon, you will discover you are lazy to do a lot of things. Appreciate and spend your time to the fullest while you can.

A week before, we've already listed down the foods & drinks that are being prepared from each and every one of us. On Kar Wei's birthday eve, all the crashers from different towns gathered outside Kar wei's house, waiting for his homecoming. As soon as he got back, we rushed in all together and bring our own pots.

Foods prepared by us
Fried Rice, Ms Pagen Teo, she shocked everyone with her cooking as that is her first time cooking fried rice but it was surprisely tasty! (her peacock feather will definitely flare out when she sees this)

Handmade Bruschetta by Won Pik Yee aka Kiki

Vegetarian curry - Stephanie cheated by asking her mother to COOK!! (unfair)

Fried Bee Hoon, Ms Cherrie

Red Wine by George

Beers by Andy Kong

Snacks from "Death"

"Chai gueh" prepared by Clement (we ordered for him and brought it there for him too!!!) - not corperative at all!

Ah boy bought KFC(Hmmmmmm Finger lickin good)

The Group

After we had our dinner, we sat outside Kar wei's house, drinking beers & chit chatting.

Girls doing the gossiping

The guys are all busy with their new I-Phone

The birthday boy loves tarts very much! So, we replaced the birthday cake with his favourite

The girls - E couldn't make it that night cuz she is working till late, stock checking for the sales.

The future newly wed - Yu lou & Karen

It's been so long since we sit down quietly having beers, giggling together while enjoying the breeze if the night. What a relaxing night!

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