Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pagen's Spicy nite

This is a pretty rough year for P because her grandmother just passed away few days before her birthday. Cheer up, girl!

It is suppose to be a sexy "uniform night" for GIRLS only unfortunately P was not suppose to celebrate her birthday as planned due to the bad news. So, we decided to make a little surprise for her to cheer things up by inviting the rest of the girls who are supposed to be invited on her birthday to "RED BOX plus" without her knowing it. We had already informed them to free themselves on 18th so that they can join us after our dinner but too bad CHIN ANN burst the bubbles before it happens! *&*&$%^%##$

Oh well, the show has to go on.

Since we're already treated P Japanese food last year, this year, we are gonna spice things up! Yes, food which Pagen Teo can't resist in is non other than spicy food! (Er, second can't resist? Her all time favourite should be Japanese food) Anyways, since we have not try any spicy food during birthday events, why not giving it a try?

So, spicy food which is Thai food?! We make our move to Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine @ Pavillion KL. The interior of the restaurant is beautiful. Too bad it is located "IN" a shopping mall where you have to walk "IN" a shopping mall to dine. It would be nicer if it's a bungalow or hotels. (Ok, we know we sounds materialistic but once in a while during special occasions??? Not too bad huh?) HAHA

The lighting is warm and good for camwhoring

The must have dish in Thai food - Tom Yam Soup

Their signature chair

Camwhore inside the dining room, but not the 1 we had our dinner on

Second round of the night, few steps away from the restaurant - Redbox +. This is the only benefit we found when we are dining inside a shopping mall. No jam, no rush, no headache to look for another chill out place & parking again.

Our pressie for the birthday girl. It's a necessity for her at that moment of time, hope u like it girl!

All girls night

P singing her 'lum' song.

Waiters in Redbox plus were starring at us for our ALL girls night.

Wondering why P is on the ride?Guess what?4 of us were too careless of remembering where our car parked at. Lucky guard there to ride P around to look for our car.*wink*

Another celebration took place in Bar21 @ BSC. We had made early reservation with Bar21 and early arrangements with the gang of ppl. So at the night itself, 3 of us (K, E and S) went early to follow up the arrangements. P was being brought to Bar21 after her dinner and we bet she does not expect much on these big bunch of ppl waiting for her. Hope u are happy with this little surprise from us girl!

The 'botak' uncle DEATH and BEE

The guys with birthday girl

The girls turn

DEATH kor can be sweet at times.

And same goes to Yi Kang who always 'bully' P.

Birthdays come and go fastly every year. It is just an ordinary same old day but yet some of them exaggerate it widely. It is the way how u utilize ur day to make it special or not. Ppl has been asking, is there a need to celebrate every year? We would conclude as : We do not 'celebrate' but we prefer spending time together with our love ones on the special day. Happy Birthday Pagen!

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