Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kiki Lala's 24th- Illusion of a getaway

Tamarind Hill is an alluring and refreshing escape for city folks, allowing us to have the illusion of out of the town. A place which decorated by natural elements such as fire & water giving us the relaxation over the busy city. It's just like having SPA while dining. Tamarind is also a place which kept everyone talking bout. It's the HOT topic that brought us this wonderous place on Kiki's Birthday dinner.

The spectacular view of Tamarind Hill

The menu aren't as expensive as we expected to be.

Can't get rid of our eyes with the phenomenal amosphere but too bad we can't take too much pictures for the designs as the designs are phohibited.

Felt so relax even when we're typing it now.

Happy Birthday K!

K : I wish i could have more and more $$..

The complimentary

A very romantic place

We took this picture by stacking the plates n glasses to fit us all in the picture without any assistance from the waiter/waitress cuz S forgotten to bring her tripod. *Sigh*

The awards won by the restaurant

Never wanted to leave once you stepped in.

As much as we don't wanna leave Tamarind....*sigh* but!!! We still NEED to moved on to Fidels, TTDI. Kiki just wanted a slow gathering this year (though we don't know why... maybe she's getting old, huh?) =P

Aries & Ah boy


Ah Hong


Jenn Chew

Clement Kong

Kar Wei

Yu lou & Karen

Happy Birthday K!

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