Sunday, August 29, 2010

Never judge a book by it's cover

Many friends thought that we go for party every week which we don't know why!!!! Well, yes, we drink every week but we don't PARTY every week. "Drinking" and "Partying" are different! Normally (not all the time), we only club during birthdays. We don't call ourselves "Alcoholic" as we don't drink everyday (for you to judge us). Moreover, even if we drink, it's just the "FOUR" of us gossiping bout each other, trying to cope up with the latest news of each of us.(more to the relaxed one) Even though, we love crazy things doesn't mean that we're REALLY that CRAZY but....... we have to admit that we're Naughty!

But, for this week, we (Kiki, Emily & Steph) had stepped into Phuture 2 times in a row. 1st day was our lovely Suki's birthday but sadly Pagen wasn't free that night and ended up, we 3 attended. Second day in Phuture was just a random outing for the 3 of us while Pagen has a birthday party to attend. On the other hand, Kiki, Emily & Steph was bored and since we had figured we haven't been partying TOGETHER for quite some time... Let's give it a call for the second day!

The 1st day in Phuture

Suki- the birthday girl

The second day

Met several old friends

Yeah, P has joined us together with Joanne and Chin Ann

*Snap Snap*

It was a good "Catch Up" night!

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