Sunday, August 29, 2010

When the clock hits 2009

Sometimes when comes to special day, we often cracked our head deciding where to go. Why do we always feels stupid to stay at home if it's a special day like new year's eve? Even if we have to packed with ppl, stuck in the jam, being stomped at our feets??? Ei.....How come it sounds more stupid to us???hahaha
Well, sometimes we does stupidity things for a good laugh right? Haven't you guys watch "Just for Laugh"? Anyway, back to topic, so we dragged ourselves to enjoy our last dinner of 2008 at one of the Taiwanese restaurant at SS2 (couldn't recall the name of the restaurant, the restaurant pisses George off that night cuz the SERVICE is TOOOOOOooooOOOO Slow! -_-) Chill Bro!
After an UNSATISFIYING dinner, we don't really wanna Club that night as we know it is definitely gonna be PACKED like sandwich! And the JAM will be killing our "limited" time! So.... we headed to Chulo. A place where we last celebrated Pagen's Birthday.

See?!Told you we will be back again at Chulo, can't imagine it would be as fast as within 1 week time to step into Chulo again. Anyway, it's a nice place to chill.

Oh ya... Stephanie's newly perm hair. Perm hair just doesn't look GOOD at first.

Our version of Paper, Scissors and Stone. Normally, the loser will drinks but not for OUR VERSION. The WINNER has to drink! hahaha It's fun! Try it!

As usual, Death will definitely find something new to "kacau" us



Here comes the robber look

Pagen met some of her long lost friend before she leave the building. Snap Snap!
Time to go home, Pagen!

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