Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jingle Bell 2008

Jingle Bell~ ~Jingle Bell~ ~Jingle All....the way~ ~!!! Yay!It's Christmas,buffet,presents,all come,come come! We wanted to ask all of them to attend a so call 'formal' x mas dinner, but unfortunately the mission failed! Most of them couldn't make it during dinner and that includes Pagen and Emily too. Pagen has a family dinner and Emily has to work on that day =( So it ended up with Kiki, Stephanie, Kar Wei, George and Cherrie enjoying the buffet paradise at Chatz Brasserie @ Park Royal Hotel.

Here we are at Chat Brasserie! We whacked the food "KAO KAO" including the all time favorites for girl-dessert!YUuUM.... too bad Pagen & Emily miss the FOODS! MMmmMMMMmm! Don't worry, we'll whacked for you girls *Ne Ne ni Pu pU*

Stephanie loves oyster

Kar Wei FILLED his plates

This is 1 of the best photo where both of them were smiling widely

A complimentary cake as a x mas gift

Every year, each of everyone of us will shop for things not more than RM50 to exchange during Christmas. That is why, though we had our separated dinners individually, we will still manage to gather ourselves to exchange Christmas gift together. This year, we have a lot of other participants. We have some of our friends find it very interesting and they said they wanna join us as well! So, we did our shopping separately for the past weekend and here we are at station 1 @ SS15 to get the present ripped off!

First, we randomly put numbers on the gift everybody prepared. Then, we wrote all the numbers in a piece of paper to be picked one by one. Though it may sounds a bit childish to some ppl, but honestly, it was fun staying in a group to have all these kind of activities around! Especially when we have BIG KIDS around us! =P

One lucky pick!

Turns after turns..

Pagen randomly picked gift prepared by Cherrie!

Bee was greedy enough to get 2 presents...

Kar Wei looked excited to get his present

Kiki : (thinking) Shit!Got Pagen Teo's present...donno what can that be?!
Pagen : Hey! What do u mean wor......

Kiki : Oh.....Thx!!!*Phew*Luckily... It's a small standing mirror!

Tick Tack Toe from Kar Wei

A very well design clock to be placed anywhere. Good one, Cherrie!

Pagen is complaining that she doesn't have makeup on...cannot take pic lar...this lar that lar....bla bla bla...
"Girl, you know you still have to take this pic, aren't you?" =P

It was a memorable night for us as we received presents from each other with love. Although the presents do not cost a lot, it is the heart that counts to be a present

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