Sunday, August 29, 2010

Taiwan 2009

Everyone can fly~~!Sounds familiar?Yes!Air Asia!!!Such a good news knowing that Air Asia is flying to Taiwan! Now, we can fly to Taiwan without eating bread everyday to save up money!HAHA

To be a bit 'kiasu' once in a while, we had booked the ticket long ago when the Taiwan ticket was first launched. No regret on it, it is still cheap comparing to other airlines. So, here goes our 8 days trip to Taiwan. Crazy?! No, it is 8 days to be affirm.

Since P was away for holiday not long ago, so she decided not to join us for this trip. And left 3 of us with Cherrie + the only guy , Kar Wei

Here we go girls!!departing soon!

After a few hours of flight in the plane, we were a bit blur case. Imagine spending the whole day traveling on air to train and to car...just make us even more tired. FYI, we are going straight down to Hua-Lien which is located on the eastern coast of Taiwan once we touched down Taipei. We have to catch up the last scheduled train to travel down to Hua-Lien and that takes us 5 hours time. We were rushing like mad dogs to catch up the LAST train to travel down Hua-Lien, if not, we will be stranded along the corridor for 1 night. Thank god!

E and Cherrie doing crazy stuffs, forgive them for acting so coz of the long hours of waiting and without C**

Kar Wei enjoying the bento as dinner while traveling in the train. They are serving real tasty bento in Taiwan's train.

Met this little girl in the train who speaks non stop through out the journey.

After the whole day of traveling from morning in Malaysia till dawn in Taiwan, finally we reached our destination :- Shin Guang Zhao Feng Leisure Farm.
There are thousands of leisure farms through out the whole Taiwan. We have chosen Xin Guang Zhao Feng Leisure Farm for it's environment and also the nature beauty of Hua-Lien. The architectures of Zhao Feng combine different European styles for example :- Greek Ionian columns for the reception area and Holland's windmills for the rooms or cabin.

We have been placed in the Holland Village cabin.

Pajamas looked.

Day 2
After the tiring day 1 on just traveling, we considered our trip just started on day 2. Set to go, everyone!

A little info about Zhao Feng Leisure Farm...Zhao Feng Leisure Farm runs through an orchard producing avacados, pomelos and oranges. We are allowed to visit their orchards for fruit plucking. Zhao Feng Leisure Farm also herds of dairy cattle for fresh milk. Producing own branding of fresh milk and not to forget the milky, freshy, icy ice cream.YuM~~ Have not tasted such fresh and milky ice cream before. Another main facilities Zhao Feng Leisure Farm cater is the petting zoo. Tourists can enjoy spending 1 whole day there traveling with their rented buggy. Other than that, they even have their own hot spring area for tourists to enjoy.

So, basically we spent the whole day doing zoo visiting, fruit plucking, watching the cow producing milk and going for hot spring. Such a relaxing day!

The white monkey

This fox has only 3 legs

Fresh and soft milky ice cream

K : Yaeng, i tot u are camera alert?

Doggy posing

The cow milk producing area

The tray of milk is to be feed to the calves

What comes into your mind when you first see these 2 'statues'?

Our dinner = food from the convenient stall. Cheap and nice!

Acting like small kids at the arcade centre

Visiting the Leisure farms is the best shortcut to understand Taiwan local features. Staying in Leisure farm gave us the experience trying to be a farmer as you pick fresh fruits in the orchard yourself and also trying to produce milk from the cow from your own hands. Never regret on having our time here at Zhao Feng Leisure Farm.

Day 3
We had scheduled earlier tru online a day tour in the famous Taroko National Park at Hua-Lien.

The Taroko National Park is located in Hua-Lien and it is famous for its great marble-walled gorge. Those marble flooring you are stepping on now might be from here at Hua-Lien. People who had been to this place will surely be admired by the scenery of Taroko.

Story telling session about Taroko have been told by our 1 day tour guide when we are walking into Taroko. Enjoying the scenery while walking step-by-step to Taroko is just way relaxing. Another relaxing day to go in our Taiwan trip.

But, the toilets in Taroko are extremely SMELLY.

Enjoying a glass of milk tea half way resting. As if we were exhausted?HAHA

Too much history telling will make us bored, we go crazy with our own style again.

Taroko National Park took away our 1 day time. After settling down in our Hua-Lien Hotel, we have been told to walk around those must-go night markets nearby.

Orang Asli from Malaysia

Upon curiosity, S wanted to try on the famous betel nut(Bing Lang). From the feedback of S, the betel nut is tasteless but with a little bit of grassy feel and it is hard to swallow. We were laughing and teasing S of having 'red mouth' after taken the betel nut. No offense to S and those who takes betel nut ya!

Taiwan's best-known snacks are present in the night markets. They have vendors selling varieties of different foods including finger foods, drinks, sweets and also some sit-down dishes. We filled our stomach up with steamed meat-filled buns, oyster-filled omelets, refreshing fruit juices and much more. It was fun on stall hoping where we eat from 1 stall to another stall.

Why are we having these 'look'? The 'not so good' food in the night market. The smelly Tau fo!! Yuck!!

Aside from snacks, appetizers, entrees, and desserts, night markets also have vendors selling clothes, accessories, and offer all kinds of entertainment and products.

The 'street dance' along the street. We joined the crowd.

Lighting up the Kong Mind Deng. We wrote all our wishes on the lantern. Please fly high, high up and far, far away and make our wishes come true.

They are kind enough to light up the fire works on our arrival. *wink*

Day 4
Our last day in Hua-Lien, since we have to travel back to Taipei in the afternoon, we only have time in the morning for 1 destination :- Liyu Lake

We have been told that Liyu Lake is the biggest inland lake in Hua-Lien. The lake is surrounded by a mountain range which creates an enchanting reflection on the surface of the lake. But, frankly speaking, we were quite disappointed on visiting Liyu lake as we do not see what we expected.

Before heading back to Taipei, we tried another famous food rank by the locals :- Wantan Soup.

After a few hours ride on the train, we are back to the happening Taipei. The next few days in Taipei will be totally different from our previous relaxing days in Hua-Lien. Taipei, here we come!!!

Taiwanese love to walk dog.

Longshan Temple

It's the halloween, Taiwanese kids dressed up for the event. Kar Wei forced this bunch of kids to take picture with him. Can you see their expression?

Halloween night! Coincidently, it's the halloween, since we are back in the happening Taipei, for sure we have to go seek around during halloween night! But sadly, K wasn't feeling well, so Cherrie, Emily and Stephanie carry on with their parade and join the crowd! K, how can you fall asick at this point of time??!

Taiwanese are so creative with the costume.

E : Help me!!!!!

Day 5 + Day 6 + Day 7
From researches that we had looked tru past few months before the trip, we had joted down those must-go attractions and places to visit. Of coz we do not run away from shopping and also food digging.

Taiwan Storyland.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

1 of the very famous restaurant in Taipei - Wu Jiao Chuan Ban 伍角船板. The unique of the restaurant is on the deco by using driftwood. The owner of the restaurant is an artist lady who insists on building her restaurants based on artistic instinct. She takes pride in claiming each restaurant is "a house built by a woman." Great environment with great food we concluded in.

Tan Shui Ferry Terminal

Does this piano looks familiar?Yup, Jay Chao's piano in the movie 'The Secret'.

It was Kar Wei's idea to go for Jay Chao's Restaurant. We found Jay's restaurant in more than 1 hour time which is located inside the University and we have been told that the restaurant has to be closed for special function. What the **? But...thank god, Jay is rich enough to own 2 restaurant of his. What to do? So we keep our conversation short and 'fly' to the other Jay's restaurant before it closes. *Phew* Just on time to step into the restaurant and no regret on it. Cozy environment with Jay's posters and collections around...not to forget, all night long with Jay's music. Another great point is the food is not expensive like we expected and tastes good too! Jay's fan will really go crazy when step into this restaurant, just like Kar Wei.

The Doreamon house in Xiao Ren Guo

Japanese cuisine in Taipei happen to be very cheap and tasty!

Taipei 101

Our last night in Taipei, of coz have to try going in their happening clubs! By asking around passerby, promoters and even our receptionist aunties...they leaded us to this so called very popular club. But, they were under renovation. What?!!! *Sigh* So we ended up trying out for another subsidary.

Maybe coz it was a Monday night, not much people were in the club. It was kinda quient but u know our style, we still enjoyed ourself. This is what we called ' syok sendiri'. There is another reason we were happy of, we paid RM50 to enter this club and we can drink all we can. WoW......everyone of us was like : Okie, 1 more plz! Syoknya!!

Day 8
Finally, the last day. Happy moments just flow like running water. By looking back the photos, we are sure we had enjoyed a lot tru out the trip. Hope that we can be back again in future.


  1. Hello! I enjoyed looking thru your blog and pictures. I am heading to Hua Lien in early November and it helps to know that I can give Liyu lake a miss.
    Wishing you loads of fun on your next trip!

  2. I am planning to go to Hualien. Can you advise how do you go to Shin Guang Zhao Feng Leisure Farm when you arrived at Hualien station. How do you make your booking to stay at the farm?