Sunday, August 29, 2010

Acrobat to step into 2010

Just a blink of eye, we are marching towards the year 2010. Time passes real fast, how great would it be if we can stop the time at some selected time and continue it whenever we want to by using the remote control to control everything. Remember how we wanna be elder at the age of 8-9? Now, we think most of us prefer to stay as a baby, right? That is the only time that we don't need to think about money, installments, bills, conflicts and all!

Anyways, we were asked by Yi Kang's gang to join them in the new club in town - Opera @Sunway for the countdown. Since it's a new club, so we just thought of making it a try. The concept of the club is pretty good where they have 3 separated rooms or styles :- The Theatre, The observatory and The Long Lounge. They even have 'new circus' performances by troupes from China and Russia.

Starting to get crazy after some 'warm ups'.

The combination of Pagen(Flirty) and Kiki(pretender). Haha

Hopefully, it would be a good year coming ahead for all of us in the year of 2010. Gambateh and cheers girls!!

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