Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wedding Bell for Fish lou and Karen

A SHOCKING news from Fish Lou and Karen Lee whom just got together few months back are getting MARRIED!!!!! It makes us speechless! ^o^ (Needless for us to tell the reason as we are all grown ups). Congrates to both of them!

We were being invited to Melaka for their Bachelor and Hen's night as Karen is a Melaka kia. Buffet was served outside the compound of Karen's house that night. Big, big compound they have to compromise few rows of tables plus a small stage for karaoke session.

The happy husband to be - Fish lou

Bro of Fish lou - Wayne. Do they look alike?

After mingling around at Karen's place, we made our move to 1 of the Restaurant along the highway for Seremban Siew Pao and Prawn when we were on our way back home.

The Wedding Dinner
Dang~dang~dang~dang~.....The wedding dinner was held at Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant @ Jln Imbi. Everyone looking handsome and pretty with their dresses and suites. A rarely scene to be seen from us. But sadly, only K and P attended the dinner as they were busy with work.

Little Levin 'scolding' his dad

Now we know who's bullying who.

But, of coz Death enjoy being bullied (just for Levin)

Finally, the wedding couple are free for a picture

George and Suki

Attending wedding dinners just keep us reunite and some laughter to be share around. Watching the wedding couple walking in the hall with happily smile on the face just made us warm. God bless to Fish Lou and Karen, another route is waiting for u all to achieve in this stage of life. We are waiting for ur red eggs to be given to us soon! : )

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