Sunday, August 29, 2010

Moo moo year 2009

MoOoooo......It's the year of cow!! And that remind us we are OLD. *sigh* Maybe old is not the word but mature?Okok...back to topic. Since most of us are back to our kampung during chinese new year time, we only managed to meet up and have a proper 'chinese new year' dinner way back. Here we are at Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant @ Jln Imbi.

Camwhore before going in the restaurant. Without Pagen's appearance.

The best thing of being 'single' during Chinese New Year is to get Ang Pow from married couples. Yay! Ang Pow, Ang Pow...Should we say, we want to stay single just because we can get more Ang Powsss?! Or even sometimes we will ask each other to get marry first so that we can get the Ang Pow from the person FIRST.hehe.
Anyway, so among our gang, we only got Ang Pow from 1 of the uncle. Scroll down and you will know who is that uncle.

Thx Uncle DEATH!!

2 King Kong and 1 Monkey

Next stop, since no one has any new idea where to go, we just went back to the same old place - Chulo!

Too bad Pagen was not in any of these Chinese New Year pictures, she was not in a good mood to have any photos taken. Girls are emo at times! You have to understand we girls sometimes.HAHA

Although it was just a simple dinner and outing for this Chinese New Year, we felt warm to gather together and share the jokes together as part of our life.

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