Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's a surprise for our flying sweety

Everybody likes surprise, especially at birthday time. That is why we take in some much pleasure in planning a perfect birthday surprise. At times, we do run out of ideas due to all the surprises given by us to all our friends. All of us are pretty tight up with our work this year so we couldn't really think of anything but no matter what, there's always something to be surprised at.

This year, S is working on her birthday eve and she will ONLY be back at 1 a.m. So, we decided to drive to the airport and surprise her! We made a little surprise gift and waited for her at the airport.

Dun laugh! We know it's not as amazing as our previous creation, but it was a last minute thingy in within 3 hours!!! forgive us lar, ya?

Surprise !!!! Happy Birthday! She thought it was something
heavy till she lay her hands on it! hahaha

The content doesn't really matters, the heart it's what it counts! (hahahaha trying to comfort ourselves)

Later that night, we had a slumber night at Pagen's house

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