Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yaeng's Konichiwa dinner 2009

Wo hai yo, people! Time for some cold and raw food on Emily's birthday!

Hajime, a refurbished bungalow with pleasing exterior and interior designs that will caught your eyes. It is located in the Heart of Kuala Lumpur. Their wooden concept form an ambiance of purity, natural and coziness. According to the waiter, they have seasonal menu. Their menu changed due to the Japan's season as the food traveled all the way from TOKYO (we know most of the restaurants said so) but it's really trilling. Even if some ppl who disagree with us, it's worth paying for their designs and atmosphere right? Why do we sounds more like a food blogger at times? *Sigh*

The greedy look of E

Japanese Food - Pagen's favourite

Please don't mind us while scrolling down the pictures, we know we are posers

Look at the deco on the tables - Cute de neh!!!


We are "Cheapos" at times cuz we will always ask for complimentary =P (Even sometimes we need to teach them how to do it)

The entrance of Hajime

After filling up our stomach, we moved to 3 Monkey - located in Jaya One. Promoted by Goh Yi Kang about the cheap prices of beers selling there. We seeks for cheap & quality beers and we are considered as a fast drinker ( I think that is why we get tipsy very fast). Among us four, E & P gets drunk faster compared to S & K. So, please go to S & K if you are aiming for a hardcore! Leave E & P ALONE!!! =P (feeling like a traitor)

In less that 30 minutes.....(get what I mean?)

Ah Wong, whos birthday that falls on the same day

K acting the man and S acting the woman (acting?no, she is a woman)

Okay, another one half gone. Look at her " Hiao eyes"


Time to cool off ourselves with some camwhoring

One good thing about E, she is capable to wake up each time for the second half to continue the party even though she's gone for an hour. Last pic taken before we ends the night.

Happy Birthday E!

Second celebration with her colleague took place in Library(The Curve). A small and YOUNG celebration with them. FYI, E is the shop manager for G2000 and that is the reason why her colleague are normally younger than us. It feels old to hang around with Kiddos (though we are the old kiddos)

Yeah! He is only 19. Damn! We are old!

After some chiling session with the kiddos, we went home SOBERLY......

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