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Bali Trip 2009

Sunshine, breeze of the wind, babi guling, muscular lifeguards.....Yay!! We are going to the beach - Bali! We had planned this trip not long ago as coincidentally, the days that we are spending in Bali is also ah Bee aka Clement Kong's birthday. How happy he is to know that all of us are going with him because of his BIRTHDAY. (neh...bee, we just wana travel and hoping to meet the muscular lifeguards!HAHA)

The trip took up 4 days 3 nights and of coz, we enjoyed till the max! How can it be not enjoying when we are spending time together for crazy trips?!

Old Town Kopitiam for breakfast waiting for the rest to arrive

The best choice to travel with the low cost plane- Air Asia

Finally, after some gossiping on the plane, we reached our destination! Everyone started to hit up and......Yay! 4 days off from wor...PHEW! Bali, Bali...

Welcome flower from the Balinese

Camwhoring at the lobby of our hotel.

Thank god we have a tour leader traveling with us to settle all the hazel and puzzle arrangements of the rooms. Yes, Claudia is the tour leader from the well known traveling agency - Apple. So look for her if you are planning to go for trips, especially Japan!

We transform ourselves to our beach wear after settling our luggage in the hotel, we headed to the first meal in Bali. We just whacked into 1 of the restaurant where we thought it looks ok to us. Ended up, the food are superb! They served traditional Balinese food. See? Our definition from the outlook of restaurant is strong.HAHA

What is this?Traveling around Bali with umbrellas?

Can't miss out some massage session in Bali

They are great massager and friendly

Rockers of the night

We believe this shade will definitely block the sunlight

P : Can you be my boyf for 1 day?

Imitating the 'God'?
Not to forget to visit Hard Rock Hotel in Bali. Since we do not get to stay in Hard Rock, it is still a good choice to camwhore in Hard Rock Hotel.

As usual, we do not call it a night yet as the night is still young! We grabbed some beers before getting back our hotel and enjoyed it in our room. We bet no one can resist from buying the beer in Bali becoz the beer is soooo cheap! Happy, Happy...

Beer with biscuit. Is that a good combination?

E : Come my darling
P : Hm...don leave me alone

For sure, we do not miss playing some games to compliment our beer

Kar Wei enjoying drinking wit the BIG bottle without glass

Day 2
FYI, we hired a driver with his van together with a tour guide traveling with us in this trip. Sounds great?..... It is actually including in the package.HAHA.

So, we have been asked to wake up early coz we have a whole day packed schedule waiting for us. We gave our full support and being very coorperative with it coz we do not want to miss out anything.

Breakfast that kept us energized the whole day

Our tour guide

Camwhore inside the van

We have been told that, Nyepi - The Hindu New Year is the day where the whole Bali will be performing absolute silence, meaning, NO power supply, NO entertainment, NO activities but just LOCK yourself in the room and PRAY to cleanse themselves. And it is held on the 16th March. Luckily we were at Bali few days after the Nyepi festival, if not...we will be paying bucks for the hotel and trip to stay in the DARK! Somehow it is a good way to be 'suci', or would it be a plan for us to go on Nyepi next time for us to stay 'suci'? *thinking...*

Balinese culture was strongly influenced by the Chinese and Hindu. Therefore, there are mixture of Chinese and Hindus temples happening in Bali. Perhaps, it's definitely not a bad idea to go in and out all these temples becoz it makes us understand more bout their culture from the story telling of our tour guide.

The best known attractions from Bali is none other than the countless temples. The designs are all unique and decorative. We had just gone into a few of the temples among all - Ulu Watu temple, Tanah Lot and the monkey temple.

The umbrella girls

Praying ladies in Bali - The Ulu Watu Temple

The Barong or Lion dance

Stepping on the land of Bali

The thefts (monkeys) in the monkey temple are very greedy. Beware of them snatching your belongings away.

Andy Kong playing a fool with the monkey

Tanah Lot

There is a myth going on since long ago that couples who are happened to step into Tanah Lot will end up separating after all. Is that a myth or a truth?

Beautiful and fancy slippers selling at the market in Tanah Lot

Nice scenery from Tanah Lot, relaxing wind blowing towards us but the strong waves destroyed Kiki and Kar Wei's shoes. The wave just whipped across their shoes and what to do? They have to buy a new pair of slippers! Maybe it's a good excuse to buy new pair of slippers?HEHE

Kar Wei packing his 'ikan masin'

Bali is the paradise of spa. Of coz! we can't miss it.

After the relaxing spa, our tour guide brought us to another famous attraction - Jimbaran Bay for dinner.

The strong waves may whip away the time and happy moments, but we are not afraid to stay strong and beat the strong waves together by holding our hands all the time.

The strong base is important to build up a pyramid, same goes to building a pyramid for a relationship.

Love bird E & K under the sunset.HAHA


As mentioned before, coincidentally it is Ah Bee's aka Clement's birthday. So we had a simple celebration with him where Claudia prepared a cake for him and the local 'band' sang him the birthday song. Although it wasn't a big celebration for him, hope that he enjoyed himself to the max as we brought ourself to spend the time with you in Bali. Happy Birthday Bee!!

Group pic with the birthday boy

The Balinese Ladies' performance

Since only a few of us been to the Hard Rock Hotel the previous day, we decided to head into Hard Rock again for a drink

What can we do during late nights?! Yes! You are right, budgetory DRINK in our room.

Kar Wei happened to lose in the game all the time and so, he has to drink non stop. Poor guy!

Remember to bring along the playing cards together when you travelled.

Day 3
We are separated into 2 groups on day 3 as some of us joined the day trip traveling around Bali while some of them just settled themselves at the beach....for the bikinis?HAHA. I bet you guys should know who are they.

Balinese dance and music are also 1 of the attractions in Bali. Our day tour brought us to this theater for shows like Barong, Calonarang and Kecak.

The Barong

We met up with the gang for our lunch - Babi Guling! It's a must try food in Bali and we concluded with : It's just fat Babi staved with herbs but in unique taste.

The tiny restaurant where you have to take off your shoes to go in and sit on the mat while eating.

We continued our day tour to a few destinations, : the active volcano- Gunung Batur, Goa Gajah, the holy water- Pura Tirtha Empul and also the coffee farm.

The coffee farm in Bali produced a special kind of famous and yet expensive coffee - Kopi Lewak. From the name itself, everyone should know what it is produced from? Yuck! It is the cat's poop coffee! We have been told, the coffee bean was eaten by the Lewak cats and formed to the expensive Kopi Lewak after it's digestion! Yeah, the poo that earn you bucks!

Tasting the Kopi Lewak

Delicacies from Bali

We have to cover up our 'sexy legs' before entering the temple.

We settled down in another famous restaurant for Balinese food.

Kuih Lapis

Since this is the last night we spend in Bali, we decided to head to their happening, clubbing places. Wow, guys dropped their mouth while watching the hot chicks along the street. We had a great night with really really cheap beers and met some new friends.

Look at the bill! It is so ** cheap!!

We are the only Asians in this Club!

Advertising the Bintang Beer

We had a really good night after all.

Day 4
The last day in Bali, is none other than going to the beach! We went to 1 of the small beach in Bali here we don even remember what's the name of the beach but who cares? As long as we still enjoyed ourselves in the beach.

Scuba diving

P trying the feeling of beer drinking on the speed boat.

Someone's trying to make the turtle drunk

Yaeng vs Ying (Eagle)

Andy Kong playing around with the snake.

These are the charcoal arms after 4 days in Bali. Who's the darkest of all?

P doing parachuting. K : wah..u are so brave! (coz she's the only one not playing)

Here goes our 4 days trip in Bali. The crazy and happy moments that we spent together will kept in our memories forever.

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