Monday, July 12, 2010

Kiki in Middle East 08

A big big round of applause for ALL OF US as this is our "Virgin" try out towards the Middle East Cuisine.We brought Kiki the birthday girl to AL-NaRoufaH @8th floor, Le-Meridian,KL. This place are really special where they have special performances from the belly dancers Monday- Saturday. Too bad, our schedules are only free on Sunday, so we missed the performances! For those Lamb & Pita Bread lovers, U might like it! After the tried out, we can conclude that the Middle East people are the best cooking in LAmb & Bread ♥ Good enough for us to not recognize any of those dishes! You'll know what we mean while you scroll down later. Haha! It is ORIGINAL alright? Pagen & Kiki are not a BIG Fan of it but Emily & Yie loves it! So... It's 2 against 2. So, you guys may wanna try and judge it for us!

Have you ever seen dishes like these? They looked ugly but our friends told us those are what ARABIAN eats! It looks more as appetizers to us! As you know, We are BIG EATERS! ARHHMMMMMm!!!!

It is suppose to be something new and refreshing food for the birthday girl~ But ,unfortunately for our birthday girl Kiki, she hardly can bear with the food ! Especially her so called ''sausage'' dish which is a lamb, just can't stop laughing to see her to force herself and swallow it!=P haha ! Sorry babe, we haven't tried these food either. Didn't know it TASTE LIKE THAT! =P

Though the foods are not that pleasant, but the environment - SPEECHLESS! Best place to CAMWHORE!
Love their Deco~

One after another...

Now you know what we mean......??  Isn't it speechless?

Next round of celebration was leaded by Kar Wei to 'Look Out Point' at the mountain. The girls 'made' a cake from small cupcakes and surprised the birthday girl. Cute little cupcakes with our trademark looking on it!Cool right??!
Custom make cupcakes from by Pagen, Yaeng & Yie

Cute leh.... Our trademark faces on the cupcakes...hahaha! good thing we have different hairstyles as our JI MUI- PAGEN TEO finally changed her hairstyle! haha..Make things so much easier! =P

Make a wish,make a wish...
The guys are AMAZED by our creations which make them SPEECHLESS! Ngek Ngek Ngek

The gang

AWH!!! They are the best creations so far! Those are CUTE!

The last stop we spent on Kiki's birthday was at Poppy Garden to party hard! That night, they tried to conned us by giving us the FAKE liquor but good thing George was there and he told them to exchange it!
Thanks to Eddie who went there early to grab the table for us.

Special guest- Arnold(Pagen's Bro) & Ryan

Friends arrival one after another, grabbing pictures before we start to P-A-R-T-Y

The Girls

The two lovebirds

Death is trying to be sexy....NOT! 

It was always FUN to have all your besties besides you during your birthday! It was A BLAST!

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