Monday, July 12, 2010

Denkarl's Territory

Denkarl's birthday at H20 @ uptown. H20 is just a small pub. The beers are added with lots of water so it's hard for us to even get tipsy. And yet, we enjoyed the drinking session and camwhoring. It was a last minute thingy as Death called us up at 10+ and we have to be there at 11+. Dressed up, makeup and here we are!

The craziness!

Pagen and "The Birthday Boy"

Pagen : Who's finger is that? Ruin my picture only! ISH!

Of coz, everyone else got their chances to take picture with "The Birthday Boy" and there goes Emily!

Steph and "The Birthday Boy"
Steph : Yaeng trying to make fun in my picture but too bad u r been captured also!Haha
Ki with " The Birthday Boy"




Our saviour for the night who came with her own bake cake.

It was a slow and relaxing night coz all of us need to work the next day

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