Monday, July 26, 2010

Death's graveyard 08'

DenG DeNg DenG DenG~~It's Ashley Loh Yew Meng's birthday tomorrow. Just in case you didn't know, Ashley = DEATH. SoOOooooo.... some real "FREAKY" ideas popped in our mind.. Yes! FREAKY it is!! We gathered ourselves at Pagen's house to get the things prepared for the "DEATH'S DAY" tomorrow. Phew! We took hours to get it done and finally we managed to get it done by midnight! Death,now u know our hard work pours into your graveyard!

The DAY has finally come!! Excited! ExCitEd! EXCITED!!! First, we persuaded him to Neway(Puchong) and kick started it like usual nights = beers,buffet + songs!

Time for some camwhores after dinner

The Birthday Boy(Ashley) on the left, Clement Kong on the right

Er.... Ah Death got a little.....Overexcited at times....hahaha
Pagen : Death, don't ka ka cau cau lar... Ppl singing la!
The MIA George! We miss you like crazy!
Who said only girls CAMWHORES???
Bish!! Bish!! Now only come and take with us.... =(
The "Death's pose" and that is when we got him nicknamed.
Ms Cherrie(left), the woman who caught George's heart and went MIA
 Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock! Deng! It's 12am, Happy Birthday, Death!!

-Our modified cake- Death's Graveyard
Ngek ngek!

AwwHhHhh! Look At his "LUM" face
Cannot see his eyes dee lor.....
The guys
A birthday kiss from Death's hubby
The cake that brought all of us ALIVE

We Smell BLOODs!
Death, this is ONLY the starting! We're not done yet... More surprises to come! After some "CRAZY" horror scenes, we need to get the second surprise ready.

Now, the "Headache" part, we need to get Death's car key so that we can allocate our things to his car. So Pagen comes up with lie telling him that she's cold and she needs his jacket in his car. Ngek ngek! Ah Death, of coz, got tricked by her! Haha! We didn't know Death can be so "INNOCENT" sometimes.. hahahaha!

Then, Pagen & Kiki walked down to his car, followed by Emily & Yie. Quickly, we grabbed our things, arranged all the items accordingly and we tied a knot!


Our second creation!
Some testing to make sure the balloons and all falls at the right place.
1, 2, 3, Alright! set!
 Pagen make a phone call to Death telling him that she couldn't open his car, so he "terpaksa" has to come down and open his car for her. Hahaha! Emily & Stephanie has to hide somewhere nearby so that he wouldn't get suspicious. As he walks toward us, he smiles and says.. " Why so stupid geh.... car also dunno how to open meh? Especially PAGEN TEO, I thought you owns the same car geh...bla bla bla bla bla.....aiyoyo..."     * while acting smart*      "like this only mar...."

Yaeng & Yie comes from behind and the some of the guys came down as well.

Look at his "LUM" face with nothin else to say.....
-*HUGS* to us from him-
This is the first smiling picture of him. It shows how happy he is~
Death, your smile makes us smile and you're worth it!
Back to the party! The guys had a little surprise gift for him as well.
A NEW "Polo-T"

"Fish lou" made his way to Neway


The " Duck Dance" before we leave the building! Haha!

It was a very memorable night for all of us and we hope you feel the same way, Death.
Happy Birthday once again!
-Friends 4Ever- 


  1. OMG Ki.. now oni i read about your blog and the my Bday occasion you blogging.. Thx you for saying so much nice think about me.. and reading it js make me miss the time we are all togather..

  2. haha....this blog is representing US-highheels 4. Read more bout us and u'll know more...Memories are meant to keep but it will run off our mind eventually.We decided to write it in this blog to treasure..there r a lot more to catch up,stay tune!

  3. death : i bet all of us miss those moments too... from Pagen aka "2 lai" (used to be) haha