Saturday, May 22, 2010

Piglet 2007 for Emily

Next to go is our Libra girl - Emily Chan!!Emily goes 'oik oik' this year as we brought her to a restaurant that serves only pork - El Cerdo @ Changkat,KL. A great place for dinner and celebration we would say.Service is good and phenomenal especially the boss! Foods are finger lickin' good! Though it's a lil fattening but good food are always fattening, right? We will put more effort on gym, run half an hour, no! one hour! no! two hours! We promised (crossed finger) =P

If u r having some kind of celebration, feel free to drop by El- Cerdo as this restaurant's specialty and it's also a German Tradition where you chopped the pork dish where you've ordered, then, 'throw' the plates in a wooden thong. It is been describe as their culture to 'throw' away the bad luck.Doesn't it sounds fun? We're flattered at the tradition! Too bad we don have any pictures on that. Will definitely pay a visit there again!

YuMMmm YuMMMmm Pork with Red wine! MMmmmmMMMmm MMMMMmmMM!!

After our dinner, we headed to Mardi grass situated at One Utama. It will be our first and the last time there! That place are pretty B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

Even we're not Mardi grass lover, we still manage to enjoyed ourselves as the location doesn't play an important role anymore when have friends around you...Happy Birthday Darling Emily!

Poor Emily, she was too drunk to even realize that the guys are pouring continuously from above the lambourgini! Dah lah, finish two shots of lambourgini, we think she finished at least 2-3 more additional glass of it!!

Emily was down after a few rounds of lambourgini but she manage to wake up again and continue her next round! gosh! Isn't she crazy?

Believe it or not, this shot is taken right after Emily vomitted,slept and woke up!

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