Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Leo Girl 2007

WoO! Look at the changes on us besides you know who (Ms Pagen Teo that has been keeping her hair since 10 years back haha =P).Pictures below are taken on Kiki's day 2007. Her birthday celebration lasted for two days. We can still recalls how she left her signature on Chandelier's sofa and it's been a legend to us since then! hahahahah

The first celebration took place in Nineten Media cafe located at USJ 1,cafe owns by Pagen's family and our second home to drink free liquor! wahahahaha Sorry ppl, it's only for us!


Our birthday girl cutting her cake on the first day. Please take note of her "look" on the first night - she definitely looks SweEETtT (kononnya)

We had a great night at Nineten Media cafe and of coz she manage to pull through the first night. But you know, us, will never let go of the birthday girl! haha!

The next day, we had our dinner at the Banquet @Bangsar Village before we start our party. As usual, we are fully dressed up! We still can't get rid of our eyes,bursting out laughing at the pictures taken in year 2007.We surely looks young and diff!

Pagen has already make calls earlier to the restaurant for them to prepare the cake as the small little surprise for our birthday girl. This cake is real good! Try it! Yum Yum~~

OK, we do look S-T-U-P-I-D(dun laugh) but we enjoyed. Can't ring our bells who made the idea making this face!

Next stop - Chandelier...we had asked couple of friends of ours to meet up with us there and that is when she left her 'signature' on their sofa and carpet...=P

Death's signature post and we are fast learners.

Naughty Pagen! That's what friends are for.....=P
Kiki : I hate u!!You'll know when it's your turn...nyek nyek..

Look at her face, damn "Yeng" drinking the lambourgini! The guys had already told us earlier they're bringing her down that night. Sorry Ki, though we love you, it's your birthday and everybody goes down on birthday!

Her SweeETTttt Face begans to turn ...

And this is when LEGEND happens! She left her signature by "pouring" at the sofa! hahahaha

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