Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Halloween at Hong Kong 07'

We are all so EXCITED to go Hong Kong as this is our first trip together. It was kinda a last minute decision for all of us to agree on going. But, for regret on it!!!Too bad our 'tai ka cheh '-Stephanie is not going with us as she needs to fly =( Sorry yie, we have to leave you behind. Your spirit will stays with us.
Since halloween is around the corner, we decided to spend the special day there coz George (our tour leader) told us that Hong Kong Disneyland will be having a halloween parade till midnight. Kewl huh?
Coincidental it was Death Kor aka Ashley Loh's birthday as well.We knew about it few weeks before and we've decided to give him a surprise while we're in
Hong Kong and we did..Obviously, we succeeded on the surprise. We were hiding in his room and we jump out together in the dark filled with balloons!! We also made him a video prepared and created by us with some helps from out friends. It went out great and we bet he love the video!

As usual, we played some drinking games to boost up the night and for sure we had so much fun drinking coz none of us pop out the sentence of :"don wana drink too much la...tomorow need to work somemore..." or " need to drive home ler..." So, we're all in that night!!

The next day we headed to the fantasy of everyone's dream-Disneyland!!

Pagen : I still like the effect of this picture most even we tried taking the same shoot in diff scenery! That is why ppl said, the first time will always be the best!

The girls vs guys

Phewit!!!! Kiki got "chun" chick(death)! She (He) look so lum!!! hahaha intro intro please!

Then we can't stop ourselves for imitating all the cartoon characters in Disneyland. For once, we feel young again...please dont stop up!

Yeah, Death is well known as a "BIG BULLY"

For your information, in case that you didn't know, Pagen may look strong on the outside but actually she's SO NOT! Let me tell you a secret, Pagen gets freaked out with mascot!!!! hahahah

Hahaha! The loser- Won Pik Yee and Andy Kong

The 'Ah Sir' on duty during late nite

Hong Kong Madame Tussaud:


Having fun with candies we bought =P

It was indeed a memorable journey... -Moments that will never be erased.

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